Start 3D printing with an inexpensive 3D printer Ender-2

The price of 3D printers has also come down, so I tried purchasing especially cheap one among them.

Hictop 3dp-21

There seems to be a type called Ender-2, but detailed information can not be found immediately. If it is out of stock well on, seems that it will be in stock within 2 weeks at the latest.

if you buy it with AliExpress, it looks like $ 168.

AliExpress Ender-2

The filament attached to the main body was pretty short, so do not forget the filament.
Since there are times when you are discounted at the same time in the campaign, confirm the sales page of the 3D printer.

Comparison before purchase

Looking at the reputation of the model sold as RepRap, there was an evaluation that it took 1 day to assemble. I will be frustrated if it takes 1 day.

It (Ender-2) is said that it can be assembled in one hour.

Also, models with heated beds and LCD screens are expensive. But this (Ender-2) is cheap. And I thought I can be assembled if it takes half an day even if it is difficult for 1 hour.

I decided to buy Ender-2.

Try assembling in practice

The product had a MicroSD card and a MicroSD card reader. The MicroSD card contained assembled movies and a PDF that describes how to set up Cura.

The same thing can be seen on Youtube as a movie of how to assemble.

If it is not HICTOP 3dp-21, there may be no SD card in it. However, if you watch Youtube videos, you can assemble it and use it probably.

Was it good to buy?

It is a good thing to buy to start 3D printing. Simple and compact. Easy to assemble.
I do not know other manufacturers ENDER-2, but I like this product of HICTOP.

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