3d Print Adjustment memo in Ender-2 (3dp-21)

Extruder and Heating bed distance

It was a lot of trial and error, but this was the most effective.

  • Use Auto Home to turn off the z-axis at the lowest
  • The place where there is the adjustment screw under the heating bed, and the output point of the extruder is orange and matched.
  • The head of the heating bed and the extruder is caught by the business card and adjusts it to passing.
  • Set up all three places to make sure the head of the extruder does not hit the heating bed.

Now, when I print, I'm amazed at the fact that things that didn't go well before can be printed.

Print settings

Cura for additional use.It's still a practice output, so I'm experimenting with Arame.
Generate Support is a waste of the PLA, but I can not print quite well without setting.

The printing does not go well from the base.

  1. Check generate Support with Cura
  2. There is a possibility that the pedestal leans if some somewhere always floats.Loosen and adjust the screws on the back of the floating part.
  3. The number of the display such as fr100% changes when the dial is turned while printing.It seems to be printing speed, so try lowering the number.

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