The best delicious and easy instant miso soup

Have you ever eaten miso soup? Or, do you like miso soup?
Even though You try to make miso soup, it may be difficult to obtain miso and tofu. Also, it may be difficult to make deliciously.

We recommend this to make easy and delicious miso soup.

Freeze dried miso soup of Amano Foods. I living in Japan and I love this.

Recipe or how to make Freeze dried miso soup

  1. Put out in a bowl.
  2. To sprinkle hot water.

Thats all.

The way of making is the same as ordinary instant miso soup, but this is freeze-dried. It is fragrant and ingredients is big.

The type of this miso soup

I put various ingredients in miso soup. Pumpkin, bean sprouts, cabbage and more… There are a lot of delicious things to put in miso soup.

This product also contains five kinds of items.
You may not know what’s in, as the package is in Japanese. I will briefly explain.


Japanese leek.

Root vegetables. (Burdock, Lotus root, carrot and Green onion ,Shiitake)


dark-brown-miso soup (with wheat bran, Japanese parsley and tofu).

Other instant miso soup

I introduced this miso soup. I really recommend this.

I love the products of Amano Foods. If you like it please try this item too.

It contains other types of miso soup.

This is not miso soup but porridge of rice and vegetables. This is also delicious.
かに means crab, さけ = salmon, たらこ = cod roe

Have a nice Japanese foods.

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