Use safe electric kettle. TIGER Wakuko

If you have children in your home, use a safe electric kettle. Avoid burns of children.
I recommend this electric kettle wakuko.

I am using PCH-G080-WP, and I am very satisfied.

In this kettle, I will mainly make Japanese tea and make instant miso soup.

Electric kettle famous in Japan, T-fal

The electric kettle of T – FAL was famous in Japan because it was released earlier than other products. I used to use it before. It was very convenient.

But it is dangerous for children. It easily collapses and hot water leaks out. It is easy to burn. There seems to be a place called “T-fal熱傷” in a Japanese hospital.

Today, a 1 – year – old “T-fal熱傷” injured has been consulted from two neighboring medical spheres. I should be able to do wet therapy nearby. Even so, Tiffard, I want you to ban it.

Structurally, if it gets caught in a cable, it falls easily. And hot water leaks out.

Safe electric kettle, TIGER Wakuko

Since I got a child, I dispose of the t – fal electric kettle. I bought TIGER WAKUKO. Safe point of this product is

  • Even if it falls down, almost no hot water will spill (if the lid is closed).
  • Even if hot water boils, there is no steam.

and Good point.

  • After the boiling, the hot water continues to be warm (at that time electricity is not used)

Because the inside has a double structure, the heat retention effect is high. Tiger is originally a thermos bottle manufacturer so it can do that.

Let’s live safely.

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