Best cordless stick vacuums from Japan / Makita Cordless Vacuum

In Japan, the best-selling cordless vacuum cleaner is Dyson. Even though there are many other home electronics manufacturers.

Dyson is a good CM and a stylish image. But the actual robust manufacturer’s vacuum cleaner is also popular.

Makita Lithium‑ion Compact Cordless Vacuum

I use it every day. And I see that the specialist in cleaning is also using well.

I sometimes see Dyson also using specialists. However, after a month, the vacuum cleaner has changed to Makita.

I think there are three reasons for using Makita.

Very light cordless Vacuums

Ex. Makita XLC02R1B weighs 2.7 pounds, of course including battery.

By contrast, Dyson V8 Absolute is 5.75 pounds. Approximately double.

Very cheap cordless Vacuums

In the Amazon it costs $240 for battery and charger.

Even if the vacuum cleaner is broken, just replace the main body. You do not have to replace battery. The body less than $ 100.

Vacuum cleaner that can exchange batteries

The reason why the professional uses and This is why Dyson is changed to Makita.

Dyson V8 can be used for 40 minutes in a row. After that, you can not use it unless you charge it. It is because batteries are embedded in the main body.

In the case of Makita it is about 30 minutes if it is a standard battery. But battery is externally replaceable.

You can add 2.0ah battery. With 2.0ah battery you can charge in 25 minutes.

With 5.0 ah you can clean it for 75 minutes. It is good when there are plenty of places to clean.

Considering throwing garbage, Cyclone type Dyson may look better.

But you can use this.

Let’s enjoy cleaning.

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